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Cancer Care and Support Services

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care is the Lowcountry’s leading healthcare provider of adult cancers. Our program provides expert diagnosis and treatment for many different types of cancer.

Each patient’s cancer journey is unique, and our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of cancer experts take a personalized approach to providing high quality, individualized and cutting-edge treatment options. Our care begins at diagnosis and continues through treatment and survivorship.

cancer care

Cancer treatment options

There are variety of effective treatment options for cancer, all of which are tailored to the individual. The method of treatment depends on factors such overall patient health, age, type of cancer, its location and more.

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care’s highly-trained specialists are armed with the most advanced cancer-fighting tools available including robotically-assisted surgery, advanced radiation tools, clinical trials, chemotherapy and other infusion services.

Clinical trials
Clinical trials offer a source of hope for many people, as well as the opportunity for researchers to find the most effective treatments for others in the future. Search our database to find a trial that’s currently enrolling study participants.

Prevention, screenings & support services

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care provides services for more than 2,500 newly diagnosed cancer patients each year. Educating patients and families about cancer prevention and screenings for early detection of cancer is the beginning of our partnership to reduce the number of new cancer diagnoses. We offer an extensive list of cancer prevention and screening methods. Our support services program walks with the patient and family throughout the cancer journey and consist of a multidisciplinary team to support the mind, body, and spirit.

Cancer prevention and screenings
Prevention and screening programs include skin cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute
Roper St. Francis Cancer Care believes that support services are integral to your healing. The Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute’s goal is to assist patients and families through their cancer journey to improve outcomes and to live their best life possible. Services include oncology nurse navigation, oncology licensed clinical social workers, nutritional services, cancer survivorship, and wellness activities.

Cancer Survivorship Program
Our Cancer Survivorship Program exists to help transform each cancer survivor’s experience through education, tools and support. We aim to improve understanding and communication, so those we care for can make informed decisions. We’re here to assist with physical, emotional, financial and spiritual health and to foster self-care and a healthy balanced life.

Cancer related services
Cancer can take a toll emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically. Roper St. Francis Cancer Care provides a range of services for patients and their families. Please let us know if there are additional ways we can assist on your journey.


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