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Heart & Vascular Center

The Roper St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center is the leading provider of adult cardiovascular services in the Lowcountry. Our board certified doctors and experienced nurses are dedicated to providing the best in cardiovascular care.

The Heart & Vascular Center offers a comprehensive range of heart and vascular services from screening and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Our multi-disciplinary team of doctors collaborate with each other to ensure the best care is given to each patient.

The Heart & Vascular Center works closely with our emergency department and emergency medical personnel to coordinate care and reduce deaths from heart disease.

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Our program

Roper St. Francis Healthcare has brought together a group of board certified experienced heart and vascular specialists, well-trained physician assistants and nurse practitioners to bring you world-class heart and vascular care right here in the Lowcountry.

Comprehensive heart services

Heart disease (including coronary heart disease, hypertension and stroke) is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States, but many don’t know they are at risk. Each year over 1 million people will have a heart attack and nearly 450,000 will result in death. At the Roper St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center, we want to lower the statistics. Our heart care services efficiently and effectively identify, diagnose and treat heart patients. We also put an emphasis on educating the community on how to live heart healthy lives.

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Vascular disease expertise

Vascular disease is caused when the arteries supplying blood to the areas and organs of the body such as the arms and legs (peripheral arterial disease or PAD), head (cerebral artery disease/strokes) and kidneys (renal vascular disease) become narrowed or clogged reducing blood flow.

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Roper Vascular Care offer national experts and the latest technologies to treat and prevent vascular disease.

For more information on the Heart & Vascular Center or for a doctor referral, call (843) 402-CARE.


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