Roper St. Francis Orthopaedics Services

Roper St. Francis Healthcare offers the largest and most experienced team of orthopaedic specialists in the Lowcountry, treating more patients than any other program in the region. Our specialists have led the way for many years in bringing advanced and minimally invasive treatment techniques to the area, often leading to less pain, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery for patients.

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Why we’re the leading orthopaedic provider

Our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians are supported by an extensive team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants and therapists. In addition, Roper Hospital and Roper St. Francis Mt. Pleasant Hospital are accredited as Blue Distinction® Centers for Hip and Knee Replacements by Blue Cross Blue Shield. And Roper Hospital is designated as “high performing” by U.S. News & World Report for hip fractures, hip replacements and knee replacements.

We offer many non-invasive therapies and the latest surgical techniques, which allow us to customize treatments to each person’s needs. Our goal: to help our patients get back the quality of life they enjoyed before an orthopaedic injury or condition put limits on their activities.

Easy access to orthopaedic care

Roper St. Francis Healthcare has the largest number of orthopaedic locations in the Lowcountry. Whatever injury or pain you’re experiencing, we have the specialists you need – where and when you need them. And now, online scheduling options are available for many of our physicians.


Our on-site imaging is a major convenience for patients in discomfort or pain. All images are read by a board-certified radiologist – something that is unique to us. Read more about our imaging services.

Medical equipment

If you need medical equipment, such as canes, crutches, walkers, slings, braces or orthotics, you’ll receive them during appointments. Our staff will fit and adjust the equipment for you. Our Durable Medical Equipment Department has access to more than 200 devices and can create custom-made devices as needed.

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