Sports Medicine

Whether you have a routine sprain or chronic pain from an old injury, the Roper St. Francis Healthcare sports medicine team can get you back in the game. Our board-certified doctors work closely with athletic trainers and physical therapy specialists to make sure you can return to your favorite activities pain-free.

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Our services

Our sports medicine team provides a full range of services for sports injuries, including both surgical and non-surgical treatments. We care for athletes of all ages and skill levels and provide services to recreational, high school, collegiate and professional athletic teams.

Support for local schools

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is the official sports medicine provider for many public and private schools in the region, including nine Charleston County high schools, one Berkeley County high school, three Dorchester County high schools, three private high schools and a state charter school. Our sports medicine doctors also serve as the team doctor for each school.

We have 19 athletic trainers who are a key part of these schools’ health and athletic programs. They serve roughly 5,500 student athletes every week. The trainers:

  • Evaluate and treat injuries, including concussions.
  • Act as the emergency medical personnel on site.
  • Track and document injuries or illnesses.
  • Serve as part of school wellness programs and athletic departments.

Each sports medicine doctor keeps close contact with school athletic trainers, making sure student athletes receive consistent care and easy access to appointments.

Students are able to sign up for the sports health clinics through athletic trainers at their schools..


Concussion Management program

Our Concussion Management program is a collaboration between sports medicine specialists and our neuroscience team. It is one of the most comprehensive concussion programs in the state and provides complete care for concussion patients.

The concussion program includes:

  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5) protocol. This is a standard tool that guides our specialists when they assess and treat concussions.
  • Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT). This is a computerized screening tool that can measure concussions and help with treatment decisions.
  • Safe Return to Play protocol. This is a set of guidelines that help athletes get back to their sport safely to avoid long-term side effects of concussions.
  • Return to Learn protocol. This system helps make sure student athletes are successful as they transition back to the classroom after a head injury.

Community outreach

As the region’s leader in sports medicine treatment and care, our doctors and athletic trainers also support many community athletic events. Roper St. Francis Sports Medicine Center has provided services at:

Physical therapy

Roper St. Francis Healthcare offers the largest and most accessible network of physical therapy clinics in Charleston, SC. By partnering with ATI Therapy, a national leader in physical therapy, we can provide better and faster results for our patients. The physical therapists communicate closely with our trainers and doctors to make sure patients get effective, comprehensive treatment.

Learn more about our physical therapy program.


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