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What is TelmedIQ?

Telmediq is the secure healthcare communications system selected by Roper St. Francis.

Accessible on your mobile phone or on desktop computers, Telmediq lets you:

  • Exchange text messages, voice messages, and images with physicians, nurses, case managers, and other staff throughout the hospital.
  • View and page on-call providers.
  • View care teams and patient demographic information at a glance.
  • Place outbound calls and have your caller ID show as the hospital switchboard instead of your personal number.

Getting Started

Access instructions for nurses, patient care technicians, providers, unit secretaries and web console users.


  1. Is secure texting on my phone going to cost me? How much data will this use?
    Telmediq is “free” when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Even when you’re not on Wi-Fi, Telmediq uses less data than iMessage or similar messaging apps (10 to 20 MB permonth, on average). Within the application, there are never any texting charges for any messages you send or receive, anytime.

  2. Does the organization have access to my personal data on my phone?
    No. Think of Telmediq as a secure portal you access via your personal device. Everything you do through Telmediq (sending a text, taking a photo, or sharing a file) is secure and separate from your personal device and data.

  3. How secure is TelmedIQ?
    Very. We’re fully HIPAA compliant and built on an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. We employ security features such as two-factor authentication. Data is locked within the application on your device, while older data is wiped regularly.

  4. What if I lose my data or wi-fi connection?
    If you lose data or Wi-Fi connectivity and escalation paths are configured, Telmediq will automatically call your primary and secondary contact numbers. If that fails, then the message will be automatically escalated to a corresponding user or someone else in your group — as defined by you.

  5. Where can I learn more?

  6. What if I have questions or problems?
    Contact Telmediq support 24/7 at: 888-864-9305 ext. 2 or

  7. Where can I download Telmediq?
    Enter in your mobile browser:

  8. How do I join and leave a broadcast group - Android


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