Virtual Care Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s Virtual Care service?
    Our Virtual Care service is an affordable, convenient way to have on-demand access to a healthcare provider – anytime, anywhere – through a smartphone or tablet. You can ask medical questions, get a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan, all without making an appointment or going to a doctor’s office.

  2. Who is eligible to use Virtual Care?
    Anyone is eligible. Providers are available in all 50 states. For questions about Virtual Care, call our support line at (800) 568-3377.

  3. How much does a Virtual Care visit cost?
    The cost of a visit is $69 and may be even less as some employers and health insurance plans cover a virtual care visit. Contact your Human Resources department or health insurance company to see if your visit is covered. This cost does not include the cost of any prescriptions, follow-up lab work or follow-up visits,if applicable..

  4. How can I pay for my visit?
    Be prepared to pay for your Virtual Care visit with a credit, debit or HSA card at the time of the visit. You will be asked to enter your card information when you initiate the visit. Insurance coverage varies and services may be subject to any applicable co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles within your health plan. Please call your insurance company for more information on your specific plan coverage.

  5. How long is a typical Virtual Care visit?
    A typical visit lasts 10 minutes (the amount of time needed to handle most medical issues). Of course, you can add more time should you need to.

  6. What will happen during my visit?
    Once you are enrolled, your visit will begin with a few short questions about the reason for your visit. You will then be connected to a provider who will evaluate your symptoms and discuss treatment options with you. Your visit with a provider will typically last less than 10 minutes.

  7. Will I be charged more if I talk to a provider on weekends, holidays or at night?
    No. The cost is the same no matter when you visit with the doctor.

  8. What conditions can be treated?
    Virtual Care is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to get care for non-urgent conditions such as:
    • Allergies
    • Colds
    • Cough
    • Pink eye
    • Rash
    • Sinus infections
    • Other minor, non-life threatening conditions

  9. What happens if my condition cannot be treated through Virtual Care?
    If the virtual care provider is unable to treat you or give medical advice and directs you to another option for care, your provider may waive the visit fee.

  10. If my condition cannot be treated through Virtual Care, can I still discuss it with a provider?
    If it is not an emergency condition, yes. Providers are able to provide medical advice, counsel you about your condition and help present your treatment options.

  11. How do I access care?
    Our Virtual Care service can be accessed from, or you can download the free mobile app from your device's mobile app store by searching for Roper St. Francis Virtual Care.

  12. Do I need to enroll to use this service?
    Yes, enrollment is required before you can use the service. It’s free and takes just a few moments. We recommend you enroll before treatment is needed. Once you are enrolled, you can use the mobile app or website to access care.

  13. What ages can be treated?
    Patients of all ages can be treated on the Virtual Care platform.

  14. How do I access care for my dependents?

    You will need to enroll first and then use your own account to enroll dependents who are 17 years of age and younger. Dependents who are 18 years of age and over should create their own accounts.

    Once eligible dependents have been enrolled, they are ready for a visit. You may initiate a visit for dependents by logging into your account or the mobile app. After logging in, there is a drop-down list to select the proper account. Select which dependent the visit is for, and click continue.

  15. Do I need to schedule an appointment?
    Our Virtual Care service is designed for on-demand care so no appointment is necessary.

  16. What is this service not appropriate for?

    Virtual Care is not for people suffering from serious or life-threatening conditions, such as:

    • Cancer
    • Chest pain
    • Choking or gagging
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Dizziness or loss of consciousness
    • Head injury
    • Neurological symptoms, suggesting a stroke
    • Patients who want to hurt themselves (suicidality)
    • Patients who want to hurt others (homicidality)
    • Possible broken bones
    • Schizophrenia or hallucinations
    • Seizures
    • Severe hypertension
    • Sudden bleeding

    If you have any of the above symptoms or any other serious medical concerns, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

  17. Do I need to provide photo identification to use this service?

    Yes, you will need a valid form of photo ID to use our Virtual Care service. Acceptable forms of identification include:

    • Driver's License
    • Military Identification
    • Passport
    • State Issued Identification Card

  18. Is my visit private and secure?
    Yes, Roper St. Francis’ Virtual Care service is a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant tool that allows you to safely and confidentially consult with a provider online.

  19. Who provides care during my visit?
    Your visit is with a qualified healthcare provider.

  20. Can a healthcare provider on Roper St. Francis’ Virtual Care platform be my regular provider?
    Unfortunately, no. Healthcare providers on the Virtual Care platform are there to support your care between office visits, such as when you are traveling or when you have a non-emergency or minor health condition.

  21. Can the healthcare provider prescribe medication?
    Yes, medications may be prescribed if the provider decides this is an appropriate course of treatment. Certain controlled medications may not be prescribed. Prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

  22. What technology is required?
    As long as the device has internet access, a web camera and video capability, you may use a computer, tablet or smartphone. A mobile app is available for members using the iOS or Android mobile platform.

  23. I have a question that isn’t listed here. Can you help me?
    Don't see your question? Don't worry. Just e-mail or call (800) 568-3377.

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