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Clinical Pastoral Education


The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Roper Hospital and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital are an intense programs of professional and theological education in which ministers, priests, rabbis, religious and lay persons learn pastoral ministry through interpersonal relationships in a healthcare setting.

CPE is an integrated program of theory and practice directed by certified supervisors with the collaboration of a professional staff. Through interpersonal relationships, patient visits, seminars, lectures, group dynamics, individual supervision and specific assignments, chaplain interns and residents deepen their understanding of their personal identity (relationship to self), their spiritual identity (relationship to God) and their pastoral and/or professional identity (relationship to others).

The CPE programs at Roper Hospital and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital is accredited by the ACPE to offer Level I, Level II and Supervisory CPE. One unit of CPE consists of 400 hours of supervised learning.

The CPE educational process may be completed in one of four methods at this CPE Center:

  • Full-time Internship: Five days per week for 11 weeks.
  • Part-time Internship: Two days per week for 18 weeks.
  • Full-Time Residency: Five days per week for a period of one year. In this program, a student receives 4 units of CPE and is provided a stipend.
  • Supervisory Education: Three to five years – Full Time

*NOTE - Each program includes and requires overnight on-duty assignments.


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