EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link is a simple, convenient and secure online portal that provides view-only access for patients’ ambulatory medical records, including labs, imaging and test results. In addition, EpicCare Link provides a paperless way for you to make ambulatory patient referrals to employed Roper St. Francis Physician Partners as well as create imaging orders.



Partners will continue to accept ambulatory patient referrals through paper faxes as well as Direct Secure Messaging, also known as Direct or Direct Exchange. This is a way to securely send health information, including referrals, online.

Accessing EpicCare Link

Each practice needs to have leadership complete and sign an EpicCare Link access agreement. This is required one time only. Please print and sign – electronic signatures are not accepted.

An individual security agreement is required for staff requesting access to EpicCare Link. Each person must complete and sign the 2 page security agreement.* Please print and sign – electronic signatures are not accepted.

Signed agreements should be emailed to epiccarelink@rsfh.com.

What to expect

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