Driving Solutions Program

Roper Rehabilitation Hospital helps patients improve their skills after a serious accident, injury or disease so they can move toward independency. Our outpatient “Driving Solutions” program can help patients learn safe driving skills. The program is taught by occupational therapists, certified driving instructors from the A Lord Ashley Driving School and certified driving rehabilitation specialists.

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Program overview

Who can benefit from this program?

This program is for people who have had an amputation, head or spinal cord injury, stroke or any other physical, psychological or intellectual impairment that limits their current driving skills. To use this program, you must have the following:

  • A doctor’s prescription
  • A recent medical history
  • A diagnosis
  • A current learner’s permit or driver’s license (preferred, not mandatory)


How will I know if this program may work for me?

You will have an evaluation that lasts from one to three hours. This evaluation assesses your:

  • Driving history
  • Medical history, including your vision
  • Ability to drive including movement, strength, sensation, coordination, balance and reaction time
  • Thinking ability including reasoning, judgment, memory, attention span, understanding of road signs and rules of the road
  • Ability to interpret and react to what is happening around you

If needed, you will have a behind-the-wheel evaluation that lasts one to two hours. This evaluation will look at:

  • Your skill entering and leaving the vehicle
  • Your ability to use the car’s instruments and basic handling skills
  • Your ability behind the wheel related to safety, judgment and attention
  • Special equipment for driving such as hand controls, steering equipment, extra mirrors or secondary controls


What equipment is used for the training?

steering wheel

If the evaluation shows capacity for driving, we offer training sessions in our special car, outfitted with an instructor brake, extra mirrors and other adaptive equipment. Training and the use of special driving equipment may be provided if needed.


Who can refer me for this program?

Referrals are accepted from case managers, doctors, healthcare professionals, agencies, insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, Vocational Rehab or Worker’s Compensation.

In most cases, driving evaluation and training is NOT covered by insurance.

Payment is expected at the time of service.


For more information on the Driving Solutions program, please email paige.castellow@rsfh.com.

To schedule an appointment, contact the Outpatient Occupational Therapy Department by telephone at (843) 724-2870 or by fax at 843) 720-8482.

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