Patient Family Experience Council

The purpose of the Patient and Family Experience Council (PFEC) is to advocate and empower patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
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What is the Roper St. Francis Healthcare patient experience?

A patient-centered healthcare culture based on:

  • mutual respect and understanding
  • open and clear communication, and
  • a collaborative partnership

to achieve the best outcome for every individual.

You can help us improve our care and engage families by joining our council. As a volunteer member, you will:

  • Explore healthcare issues and challenges facing patients, family members and the community.
  • Improve the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
  • Recommend new policies, programs, and services to address the needs of patients and family members.
  • Identify opportunities to improve patient and family satisfaction.

The requirements for volunteer council members include:

  • Direct experience as a patient or family member at Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
  • Willingness to work in partnership with others to develop solutions to improve the patient experience.
  • Ability to listen and reflect on issues, thoughts, and priorities that are different than your own.
  • Respect and confidentiality of patient and Roper St. Francis Healthcare information.

Membership on the council is for a two-year term. Members are expected to attend at least four out of six meetings per year. The full council meetings are held every other month for two hours and include lunch.  Meetings will be held at one of our Roper St. Francis Healthcare hospitals.

To request more information on the Council, please send inquiries to

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