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What is Total Hip Replacement?

When cartilage in the hip joint wears away with age, surgeons can restore range of motion and eliminate joint pain with metal or plastic covering for raw, arthritic bone ends. Hip replacement surgery is only recommended after careful diagnosis of your joint problem.

What are the different types of Hip Replacement surgeries?

Revision of Total Hip Replacement
The major indications of a revision hip replacement are hip instability (dislocation), infection, component failure due to wear and hip pain.

Total Hip Resurfacing
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is a surgical procedure available for adults with hip arthritis who would like to maintain a high level of activity after hip surgery. The hip joint is resurfaced rather than replaced, conserving bone and preserving future options.

Arthroscopy for Hip Cartilage Injury
In patients who may have focal cartilage damage, rather than arthritis, arthroscopy can remove torn cartilage and eliminate pain.

Treatments for Avascular Necrosis
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can relieve pain caused by avascular necrosis. Reducing the amount of weight and stress on your affected bone may slow the damage of avascular necrosis. Surgical procedures for people with avascular necrosis include core decompression, bone re-shaping, bone transplant or joint replacement.

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