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Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - Updating our support person guidelines

Effective Feb. 21, all COVID negative patients will be allowed two support persons.   

Emergency Services, Surgical Services,  Inpatient , ICU, Women and Infant, and Inpatient Rehab Units.

  • In accordance with our RSFH Universal Masking Guidelines all support persons will be expected to wear an approved medical grade mask while in RSFH facilities.
  • Two support persons will be allowed for all patients that are COVID negative.
  • Support persons may rotate as needed, but no more than two support persons may be at the bedside at one time.
  • For the safety of support persons, our patients, and our teammates we are not able to allow a support person for patients who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and require COVID isolation precautions. Patients will be encouraged to keep their loved ones updated via telephone and clinical teams will reach out as needed to obtain any necessary information. Exceptions will be made for patients under 18 and those with disabilities, such as developmental delays or with special communications needs, to allow for one support person as needed.
  • Spiritual advisors are permitted and do not count against the total number of supportive care persons who may be at the bedside.
  • Support persons will be screened at entrance signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  Those with symptoms will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Support persons must be over the age of 18 and must be able to care for themselves.
  • Waiting rooms will be opened as needed for patients and support persons. However, waiting rooms may be restricted/limited during times of high volume at the discretion of the clinical teams and security personnel.

Ambulatory/Physician Practices Sites

  • Patients can be accompanied by two support persons over the age of 16. The support person and patient will be  required to wear a medical grade isolation mask
  • Patients and their support person will be screened at entrance of the office for flu-like symptoms; those with symptoms will be directed to return to their vehicles and conduct a virtual visit.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to attend visits with parents or guardians; please make appropriate child care arrangements. Children should never be left unattended or in vehicles.
  • Patients’ time in our waiting room will be kept to a minimum and all waiting rooms have been rearranged to optimize social distancing.
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