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Thursday, March 17, 2022 - Specialty driving program serves more than 1,200 patients
After an accident, injury or disease, some patients need extra help with their driving skills before getting behind the wheel.

A specialty program at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital run by occupational therapists has successfully served more than 1,200 inpatients and outpatients since its launch in 2014.

OTs with the Driving Solutions program are specially certified to evaluate and train patients related to their driving skills.

A typical driving evaluation has two parts: the clinical assessment and the behind the wheel assessment.

The clinical assessment includes testing related to vision, range of motion, strength, sensation, coordination, memory, attention, problem solving, and road sign knowledge.

The behind the wheel portion (outpatients only), assesses an individual’s driving potential, vehicle handling, decision making, and whether specialized equipment may be needed.

In order to qualify for an outpatient evaluation, a client must have had an amputation, head or spinal cord injury, stroke or any other physical, psychological or intellectual impairment that may impact their ability to drive.

At this time, the program cannot accommodate clients in power wheelchairs. Patients also must be at least 15 years old, and eligible for a learner’s permit or driver’s license.

Referrals are accepted from case managers, doctors, healthcare professionals, vocational rehab or Worker’s Compensation. A prescription for the driving evaluation must state “Occupational Therapy for a Driving evaluation” and a diagnosis.

In most cases, driving evaluation and training are NOT covered by insurance. Payment is expected at the time of service.

For more information on the Driving Solutions program or to schedule an appointment, please call 843-724-2870. The fax number for referrals is 843-720-8482.
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