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Friday, April 10, 2020 - Roper Hospital manager leads by example in cleaning COVID-19 patients' rooms

Before COVID-19 became a recognizable acronym to every American, Jimmy Wilkerson decided he would lead by example.

He doesn’t like to talk about it, but the manager of environmental services at Roper Hospital has been cleaning the rooms of confirmed COVID-19 patients since March 20 once they are moved or discharged.

Two pairs of gloves, an isolation gown, a surgical mask, booties and 75 minutes: That’s what it takes Jimmy to clean every inch of a room – repeating some spots two and three times – until it’s perfect for the next patient.

The Post and Courier profiled Jimmy Wilkerson in a front-page story in Saturday's edition. You can read the Post and Courier story about Jimmy here.

Jimmy Wilkerson cleaning room

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