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Friday, October 8, 2021 - Foundation Supporter Donates 2,500 Meals to Frontline Workers in Hopes of Inspiring Others

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lowcountry community has come together in countless ways to show their support to our frontline workers. Paul Whitaker, a supporter of the Roper St. Francis Foundation, was looking for a way to support his friend’s food truck business when the pandemic hit, when he thought of a clever way to support both small local businesses as well as our healthcare heroes.

Over the course of a year and a half, Mr. Whitaker along with First Name Basis Co and Mirabelle Bakery, provided 2,500 meals to our frontline workers. “What started as a venture to support a small business run by a good friend turned into feeding our frontline workers,” said Mr. Whitaker. “I decided I wanted to use my support for a specific purpose.” That purpose was taking care of our healthcare heroes.

A few months later, he found another way to help those who were still working tirelessly. Mr. Whitaker, along with his friend and Roper St. Francis Healthcare physician Dr. Beth Wolf, donated grocery gift cards right before Christmas so that our healthcare heroes would have one less thing to worry about during such a stressful time. And a few months later – a massage chair to create a relaxation room for nurses at Roper Hospital. Mr. Whitaker is still continuing his support through meal donations during the many surges of this pandemic.

“I work in healthcare and I’ve been through the healthcare system before. It is so critical for me to take care of those who have taken care of me,” said Mr. Whitaker. “But this isn’t about me. My hope is to inspire others to come forward to donate whatever they can – whether it’s time, food or money. No matter what you can contribute, your support is essential and inspiring to our community and our healthcare heroes.”  

If you’re interested in supporting Roper St. Francis Healthcare frontline workers at this time, you can donate at and select “COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund” as the designation. You may also contact us at (843) 720-1205 or

Right: Sue Bennett (Chief Nursing Officer for Roper Hospital), Paul Whitaker
and Ashley Redmond (Foundation Executive Director) at the Relaxation Room
opening at Roper Hospital.

Left: Amanda Click (First Name Basis Co), Kelly Kleisner (Mirabelle Bakery),
Paul Whitaker and Maureen Tokarczyk (Roper St. Francis Foundation) at the
Vaccination Drive-Thru handing out donated meals.

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