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At Roper St. Francis Healthcare, we are dedicated to improving the health of our community, both within our facilities and alongside the many organizations that serve our neighbors. Our strong tradition of caring through our mission of healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence is the cornerstone of our community outreach efforts, and we are pleased to take part in health-related events throughout the year. We participate in many community events, including health fairs, career days, and environmental stewardship projects.

teammates at day of caring

Event and speaker request

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is proud to have hundreds of the best doctors and medical experts in the region on our team. We are passionate about sharing our expertise on issues related to health and well-being. If your community group is interested in learning more about a certain health topic, let us know.

If you have an event and would like to request Roper St. Francis Healthcare's attendance, please complete the Community Events Request form below. We ask that requests are received within 6 weeks of the event to ensure adequate coverage.

**All teammates attend events on a voluntary basis. Though it is not common, it’s possible that we may not have teammates available to attend all events, so we recommend pulling from other resources as well.

Please Note:

  • All requests need to be made at least 6 weeks prior to the date of event.
  • We do not pay any registration fees to provide a community service.
  • Please email the Community Services Program Manager at for more information if your request is a Marketing opportunity rather than a community service opportunity for Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
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