Lowcountry EMS Symposium

Join us for the Roper St. Francis Healthcare LOWCOUNTRY EMS SYMPOSIUM as we cover topics such as acute stroke care, STEMI imposters, human trafficking, behavioral emergencies, sepsis, pediatric airway management, and snake bites & stings.
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Program Information

Thursday, September 29 OR Friday, September 30
Choose the date that works best for you.
7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
Mall Classrooms
2095 Henry Tecklenburg Drive

Note: This event has already taken place. For questions, please email thomas.schellinger@rsfh.com or call (843) 724-2741.

To ensure you receive credit for viewing any of the CME below, please download and fill out the:

Email forms to Roper St. Francis Healthcare CME Coordinator Kara Melin at kara.melin@rsfh.com.



Sepsis and Management of the Septic Patient
presented by Dr. Russ Allinder

Acute Stroke Evaluation and Management
presented by Dr. Alison Smock

Bites and Stings
presented by Dr. Chris Daly

Connect to Purpose: Code Arrest/ Cardiac patient

Human Trafficking
presented by Brian Collins, Lancaster EMS

Recognizing STEMI Mimics and Imposters
presented by Bob Mixter, CCEMTP

EMS and The Combative/Behavioral Patient
presented by Dr. Abdullah Almehbash

Hemodynamics of Cardiovascular Emergencies
presented by Dr. Romina Ilic

Pediatric Airway Asessment and Management
presented by Dr. Katie Jackson and Dr. Elle Greer

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