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We are happy that you are interested in a healthcare career. Exploring and confirming your interest in healthcare is an important step in realizing your career goals. Roper St. Francis Healthcare offers several programs that can help you in this journey. It is important to understand that with all of our student programs, our top priority is the safety of our patients. A patient must be confident that everyone involved in his/her care is safe, knowledgeable, will not spread infection, will respect privacy and can handle an emergency situation. Hospitals have policies and processes that must be respected. We hope you will find a program that is a good fit for you. Students are our future in this rewarding field and we need you.



Volunteering vs. Shadowing/Observation

Volunteering is a gift given with a heart of service. Volunteer roles support our staff so they in turn can dedicate their time to direct patient care. Considerable time is spent processing every new applicant so consider whether you have the time to dedicate to the role. After processing, plan on a weekly regular shift of 3 – 4 hours with an anticipated length of service of at least six months. Most volunteer roles are supportive in nature: staffing information desks, escorting patients, driving golf carts and pushing wheelchairs.

Career track students may seek shadowing, observation or mentored experience hoping that busy professionals will share their time and expertise related to your career track. Depending on availability, each facility will have a process for you to follow.


Job Shadowing

Roper St. Francis Healthcare offers opportunities for students through a variety of structured SCRUBS career programs. Our SCRUBS programs have become so popular that our office can no longer coordinate requests for one day-shadowing experiences with individual employees. Parents, this means that if your child knows of a certain Roper St. Francis employee who he or she would like to shadow, you are welcome to contact that employee and ask whether a shadowing opportunity is possible.

Please note the following general guidelines:

  • Student must be at least 14 with a higher minimum of 16 for critical care areas such as our intensive care unit, birth suite, operating room or emergency department.
  • The experience is limited to eight hours or less.
  • The department manager must approve this opportunity.
  • Students should wear their school ID.

On acceptance, the student should complete the job shadow form and bring it with them. The employee mentor will complete the form. Applicants accepted by a Roper St. Francis representative for a longer job shadowing experience will require full processing and should contact the facility volunteer coordinator.
Important: Roper St. Francis Healthcare does not participate in one-day school assigned job shadowing experiences during active flu/viral season typically from Dec. 1 to April 1.


SCRUBS Program

Our successful student program, SCRUBS, continues to grow, giving students an opportunity to learn about health careers from experts in the field who love their work. “SCRUBS” is an acronym for: Students Can Really Use Bedside Skills. Our program was named by the first group of students who joined our mentoring program. Several students who attended past SCRUBS programs are now working as professional healthcare employees at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Our SCRUBS programs include:

SCRUBS "U" Career Sessions
SCRUBS “U” features quarterly evening sessions concentrating on specific areas of health careers. Each program offers an exciting glimpse into a medical field. 

  • Topics include: Neonatology, Operating Room Careers, Imaging, Physical Therapy and Pharmacy.
  • Details: SCRUBS U evening sessions are held from 5 – 7 p.m. and are free of charge. The minimum age is 13 with no upper limit. Registration is required. SCRUBS “U” sessions are accepted as Job Shadowing. Each session is announced to schools and on the “SCRUBS Mentoring Program” Facebook site.
  • Call (843) 402-CARE to register when a session is announced. You may email: VolunteerStfrancis@rsfh.com and request “to be added to the SCRUBS “U” mailing list.
Connect with the SCRUBS Mentoring Program page on Facebook for notifications of upcoming sessions.

Scrubs Health Summer Careers Camp - CANCELED
Roper St. Francis Healthcare will be holding the award winning SCRUBS Health Career Exploration Camp in 2020. The SCRUBS Health Career Exploration Camp will be an activity-filled week from June 15 – 19 offering students who have an interest in health careers an opportunity to explore nursing and medical careers at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. The week will include CPR and first aid, cardiology, PT/OT, surgical, EMS, radiology and obstetrical sessions. The SCRUBS camp is for students 14 and 15 years old at the time of the camp. The camp is based at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital (West Ashley) with students reporting to Roper Hospital (downtown) on Wednesday and Thursday. Completed and signed applications must be received by 04/6/20 and include a teacher recommendation and 300-word essay.

SCRUBS Mentoring Program
The SCRUBS Mentoring program allows students on medical career tracks the opportunity to work along with staff at the bedside in a mentored role. The program is designed for pre-nursing, MD and PA career track students. Download details and application instructions for the SCRUBS Mentoring program. The SCRUBS Mentoring Program is popular and often operates at capacity. Applicants are interviewed and accepted when there is an opening in the program. The applicant (not parent) may email their anticipated career track and available interview time to the requested facility.

Candidates apply and are processed through the Volunteer Departments at Roper Hospital and Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. Processing includes an interview, application, background checks, two step TB test, immunization documentation, reference letter and attendance at a scheduled Volunteer Orientation session. Minimum age is 16. Students completing 32 hours of mentoring earn a Certificate of Completion.



Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Observation Hours

Students applying for PT/OT programs are often advised to get Observation Hours in their specialty. Students require processing to participate safely in a patient care area. You will be advised to contact the department in the location you are requesting and be given processing instructions accordingly. Although not considered volunteering you will be processed by the Volunteer Coordinator. Depending on the facility you are requesting, email the coordinator for application instructions. In your email, state the program you are applying to and how many hours in inpatient/outpatient you are requesting:

Roper Hospital: volunteerroper@rsfh.com
Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital: volunteerstfrancis@rsfh.com


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