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A cancer diagnosis comes with many unanswered questions and concerns. Each cancer journey is personal and unique, and our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about helping you during every stage of your diagnosis and treatment. To connect with a member of the support team, please call (843) 724-2747.

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Cancer Care Nurse Navigators

Our Cancer Care or Oncology Nurse Navigators work directly with the patient and family, free of charge, to develop a program of support that is designed to meet their specific needs. The navigators are able to:

  • Provide information and support at the time of a new diagnosis, recurrence or end of life.
  • Serve as a knowledgeable clinical resource on many issues, including symptom management and family support needs.
  • Be a familiar, consistent source of support between treatment settings (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, doctor’s office, hospital, clinic).

Bridget Dorkewitz

Bridget Dorkewitz, BSN, OCN
GI and Hepatobiliary Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator

Bridget is a Charleston native who grew up in Mount Pleasant. She has worked as a registered nurse since 2002 with over 19 years in oncology care. She is committed to professionalism in oncology nursing as evidenced by her serving in different board positions of the Lowcountry Oncology Nursing Society and maintaining her Oncology Nurse Certification since 2008. Having taught the national chemotherapy/biotherapy course for nurses new to oncology, she is a resource for both patients and fellow nurses on chemotherapy treatments, side effect management and navigation of cancer care.

She received her BS in psychology from the College of Charleston and her BSN from the University of South Carolina-Upstate.

April Hicks

April Hicks, BSN, RN-BC
Genitourinary, Head, Neck & Thyroid, and Neuro Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator

April is a native of Charleston. She completed her nursing degree in 2009. Her background is in Neurosciences, where she has worked her entire career. She has a certification in Medical-Surgical Nursing.

She has served as a Charge Nurse, Clinical Coach, Nurse Preceptor and has been active in Shared Governance while working at the bedside on the Neuro-Spine Unit at St. Francis Hospital.

April started the inpatient navigation program for Neurosurgery where she collaborated with patients, physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and many other interdisciplinary members of the healthcare team.

She is excited to begin her new role as an Oncology Nurse Navigator and looks forward to spreading compassion as well as being a source of strength to those she comes in contact with every day.

Renee Litton

Renee Litton, MS, BSN, RN
Bone/Connective Tissue/Sarcomas, Gynecologic, Esophageal, and Lung Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator

Renee holds an advanced degree in palliative care and is credentialed in chemotherapy/biotherapy administration. She has extensive oncology nursing experience and has worked with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Renee is sensitive to the impact a cancer diagnosis can have on the individual and entire family. Her goal is to be a source of information, support and compassion.

On her days off, Renee loves spending time with her family and dreaming of traveling.

She received her BSN from Marshall University and attended graduate school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Barbara Mack

Barbara “BJ” Mack, LPN
Community Outreach Patient Navigator

Barbara Mack was born and raised in downtown Charleston, and earned her practical nursing degree from the Roper PN school. She has always been drawn to help others in her community to access information and resources for healthcare screenings and chronic disease.

She has worked for Roper St. Francis Healthcare for over 43 years. Since very early in her career, she has found fulfillment when providing support and education to patients diagnosed with cancer. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and scrapbooking, sewing and riding her bike.

Elizabeth Strojny

Elizabeth Strojny, MSN, RN, OCN
Lung Screening Clinical Nurse Navigator

Elizabeth has over 20 years of oncology experience working inpatient, outpatient, research, infusion and multiple areas of patient navigation. She earned an advanced nursing degree in leadership and management and maintains her oncology nurse certification. Elizabeth has worked with patients throughout diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. In her current role, she leads and coordinates the Lung Cancer Screening program and is certified in Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy administration.

She received her MSN in Leadership in Management in 2009 from Walden University

Kelly Ward

Kelly Ann Ward, BSN, RN, CBCN
Breast, Melanoma and other cancer Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigator

Kelly Ann has over 15 years of experience in women’s health nursing. She has worked with hundreds of breast cancer patients, coaching them through treatment and teaching them how to care for themselves during and after. She strives to empower, educate and advocate for every patient.

She received her BSN from Charleston Southern University in 2007. In 2020, she completed extensive training and course work to become both a holistic nurse and a nurse coach. She is a Certified Breast Care Nurse.

Kelly Ann is an active member of the Junior League of Charleston and board member of Postpartum Support Charleston.

Survivorship Coordinator

Our Cancer Survivorship Coordinator helps to transform each cancer survivor’s experience through education, tools and support. Find out more about our Cancer Survivorship program and its offerings.

Kelly Pabst

Cancer Survivorship Program Coordinator

Kelly has been an oncology nurse for over 30 years and has worked for Roper St. Francis Healthcare for more than half her career, in both inpatient and outpatient roles. She is a board-certified adult clinical nurse specialist and has a specialty certification as an advanced oncology clinical nurse specialist. She has served as the advanced practice nurse for the Cancer Survivorship Program since its start in 2016. Kelly believes in the power of knowledge and understanding, and through the cancer survivorship program, she aims to help others find a sense of control and to be able to advocate for themselves.

She received her BSN from The Ohio State University and her master’s from the Medical University of South Carolina.

In her spare time, she loves watching college sports, gardening and getting exercise in the fresh air while listening to an audiobook.

Registered Dietitians

Rylee Lin

Rylee Lin, RD, LD
Dietitian Specialist at the Roper St. Francis Healthcare Cancer Center

Rylee is a Registered Dietitian (RD) who was born and raised in Texas. She became an RD in 2021 after completing her Dietetic Internship at Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) in Dallas, TX. She previously served as an Inpatient Oncology Dietitian in Dallas, TX. She has moved to Charleston, SC to continue her career as a Outpatient Oncology Dietitian.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and doing all things outdoors.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Texas Christian University and Dietetic Internship at Baylor University Medical Center.

Andrea Zalno

Andrea Zalno, RDN, LDN
Dietitian Specialist at the Roper St. Francis Healthcare Cancer Center

Andrea is the outpatient dietitian at the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center. Andrea has been practicing nutrition in the clinical setting since graduating from Seton Hill University in 2010 where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics and a minor in psychology. Andrea started her career at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center before moving to Charleston in 2014 when she began working at Roper Hospital. A triple negative breast cancer survivor herself, Andrea has a love for nutrition and a passion for helping others meet their wellness goals to live a balanced life. She loves Jesus, reading, being outdoors and spending time in the kitchen with her family and friends.

Exercise Specialist

Our Exercise Specialist connects with patients at various points along their cancer journey to help guide them through appropriate exercises. Goals include:

  • Build strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase flexibility

This allows patients to tolerate treatment better and experience an overall better quality of life.

Exercise techniques may include:

  • Machines and free weights (can be done at Roper Hospital or at home)
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness/meditation
  • Breathing exercises

Kelly Hauschild

Kelly Hauschild, CWS, RYT
Exercise Physiologist, Patient Navigator

Kelly has over 20 years of experience as an exercise physiologist. She specialized in cardiac rehab early in her career and then moved to cancer rehab. She has accumulated numerous certifications along the way, including therapeutic yoga teacher, herbalist, cancer wellness specialist, holistic health practitioner, as well as plant-based nutrition certificates. Kelly currently runs the cancer wellness exercise program at Roper Hospital, where she has the privilege of blending all these specialties into one amazing program.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Lander University.

Oncology Social Workers/ Psychosocial Patient Navigators-Clinical Therapy

Abigail Jones-Olsen

Abigail “Abby” Jones-Olsen, LMSW
Oncology Social Worker

Abigail is the outpatient oncology social worker at the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Abigail has been practicing social work in the clinical setting since graduating from Penn State University in 2017 where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biobehavioral Health and a minor in Health Policy Administration. Abigail went on to earn her Masters in Social Work at Temple University in 2020. Abigail started her career at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia before moving to Charleston in 2021. In her spare time, Abigail loves cooking, reading, spending time with her family, and walking her Australian Shepherd, Zeke.

Abigail Jones-Olsen

Elisabeth “Lizzy” Winn, LMSW
Psychosocial Patient Navigators - Clinical Therapy

Lizzy is the psychosocial patient navigator clinical therapist at the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center. Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Lizzy has been practicing social work in the clinical setting since graduating from East Stroudsburg University in 2016 where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Lizzy went on to earn her Master’s Degree in social work at the Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Lizzy moved to Charleston in October 2021 where she started her medical social work career. In her spare time, Lizzy loves going to the beach, shopping, reading, workout classes and spending time with her friends and family.

Healing Boutique

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Bethany Wilson
Massage Therapist

Bethany is a massage therapist at the Healing Boutique in Roper St. Francis Cancer Center. She graduating from Southeastern College in Charlotte, NC for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy in 2009. She moved back to Charleston in 2011 and have practiced massage since then. She is passionate about providing massage therapy as an essential option for overall health and well-being. In her spare time, Bethany loves to read, listen to music, organize, and go to the beach and mountains.

Oncology Leadership & Support

Megan Baker, MD

Megan Baker, MD
Breast Cancer Specialist

Dr. Megan Baker is a breast cancer specialist with Roper St. Francis Physician Partners Breast Surgery who has dedicated her career to treating benign and malignant breast conditions. She earned her degree from Columbia University and her medical degree from Wright State University School of Medicine. Dr. Baker completed her surgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina, with additional training in oncoplastic breast surgery at Case Western Reserve University. She is board certified in general surgery. Dr. Baker began practicing at Roper St Francis in 2015 after serving 10 years as the Medical Director of Comprehensive Breast Care at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Center. Since joining Roper St. Francis, Dr. Baker has served as the physician leader of the surgery and perioperative services. She is currently the medical director of the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center and the director of the system-wide cancer care program. Dr. Baker leads a multidisciplinary team of experienced advanced practice providers, nurses and support staff who are passionate about breast health and understand the concerns and sensitivities related to those with breast cancer. She treats the full range of breast cancers, with expertise in high-risk breast cancer, prophylactic mastectomy and familial breast-ovarian syndrome. Dr. Baker has been an active participant in breast cancer clinical trials throughout her career and continues to do so today.

Shelley Usher

Shelley Usher, MSN, RN, CBCN
Manager, Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute Program

Shelley has over 25 years of oncology experience with an emphasis on women’s cancers. Shelley has worked with cancer patients in both the inpatient and office setting. She has nine years of outpatient oncology clinical nurse navigation experience. Shelley believes in the power of education when it comes to managing a cancer diagnosis.

She is the Manager of the Donna Fielding Cancer Wellness Institute Program. She oversees the Cancer Support Services team, which includes Oncology Clinical Nurse Navigators, Community Outreach Patient Navigator, Survivorship Coordinator, Licensed Social Workers, Exercise Specialist and Massage Therapist.

Shelley received her BSN from Clemson University and her MSN in Healthcare Administration from the University of South Carolina. She is a Certified Breast Care Nurse.

Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller
Oncology Support Assistant

Wendy grew up in the Tricounty area and is a graduate of Summerville High School. She has 16 years of experience in oncology.

Wendy is the Referral Coordinator for the Lung Nodule Program. She is involved in handling day-to-day patient and staff needs and is the point of contact for the volunteers at the West Ashley Cancer Center.

Wendy connects to patients wherever they are in their cancer journey and provides them support, comfort, and kindness to lift their spirits.

In her spare time, Wendy enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and loves going to estate sales. She and her family dedicate their time to uplifting the spirit of the homeless in the community with meals and essential items.

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