Compliance and Privacy Office

Our Compliance and Privacy Office’s mission is to be intentional as we provide integral service to teammates and affiliates of our health system. We strive to foster a culture of respect and open communication in a safe environment and to develop processes to protect the health system, foster integrity and abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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What we do

The Compliance and Privacy Office is designed to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policies applicable to the delivery of healthcare. Compliance teammates are responsible for the following functions:

  • Investigating and remediating suspected and/or reported violations of law or Roper St. Francis Healthcare policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring and auditing of Roper St. Francis Healthcare operations and functions to ensure compliance with rules and regulations and Roper St. Francis Healthcare policies and procedures.
  • Developing and administering effective compliance education and training programs.
  • Assuring the Code of Conduct and Compliance Program policies are kept current with changes in law and regulation.
  • Interacting with government authorities in any investigation, audit, subpoena, civil investigative demand or other request for information.

Compliance help line

You should speak up if you are aware of conduct or practices that you believe are contrary to Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s Code of Conduct or a teammate’s compliance obligations.

Roper St. Francis has resources available if you have questions or concerns about Code of Conduct matters. You can communicate your concerns in any of the following three ways:

  1. Speak to your direct supervisor or your supervisor’s manager.
  2. Email the Compliance and Privacy Office.
  3. Contact a Compliance/Privacy professional, view contact list.
  4. Submit a question or report to the Roper St. Francis Compliance Help Line 24/7 online or by calling (800) 597-3386.

No tolerance for retaliation

Retaliation is when an individual (or a group of individuals) tries to cause harm, create unnecessary barriers, intimidate or otherwise “get back” at someone for carrying out their responsibilities under the Code.

Roper St. Francis has a policy of no tolerance for any form of retaliation against someone who reports a concern in good faith.

NO tolerance for retaliation applies to:

  • Direct as well as indirect retaliation.
    • Retaliation is when a manager or teammate acts against a teammate, when that teammate files a bona fide complaint under our policies or assists in a compliance investigation.
  • Actions as well as threats of actions.
  • Actions by supervisors as well as by co-workers.

It takes courage to speak up when something is not right. Roper St. Francis values and encourages honest discussion about concerns that are raised. Report any form of retaliation to your manager, the Compliance and Privacy Office or to the Roper St. Francis Compliance Help Line. Retaliation could result in discipline and even dismissal.

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