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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - Temporary pause on new COVID-19 vaccination appointments

We are temporarily pausing on scheduling new COVID-19 vaccination appointments because of the uncertainty around and lack of COVID-19 vaccine being delivered to Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

Our vaccination drive-thru is continuing to administer scheduled COVID-19 vaccinations.  

Any Lowcountry resident who is 65 or older or a healthcare worker who would like a COVID-19 vaccine will be placed on a waiting list. We already have scheduled first-dose vaccination appointments through April 6, and we are doing our best to ensure we can honor those appointments. We want to avoid canceling any scheduled vaccinations.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is not the only healthcare system in South Carolina to be facing this supply challenge. We have the capacity to vaccinate up to 1,500 patients per day at the vaccination drive-thru in North Charleston, but we can't administer those doses because we don't have the vaccine inventory available. We don't know week-to-week what we're going to receive in terms of vaccine supply.

We will share more information as it becomes available.

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