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Wednesday, January 4, 2023 - Roper St. Francis helps introduce recreation complex to Goose Creek residents
In the spirit of promoting health and togetherness, Roper St. Francis Healthcare leaders helped introduce a new $9 million outdoor recreation complex to residents on Friday.

Central Creek Park will serve visitors of all ages and abilities with a variety of barrier-free features, including Debra’s Playground, Splash Creek, a Field & Stage, a Walking Trail, the Eubanks Athletic Courts, and the Casey Pavilion, which is sponsored by RSFH.

“As the Lowcountry’s largest healthcare system for adults, we carry a proud tradition of bringing people together for the sake of health and wellness, such as the activities that will take place in this beautiful park that will enrich so many lives,” said Patrick Bosse, chief administrative officer of Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital, located six miles northwest of the park. “I am thrilled that the Roper St. Francis Casey Pavilion will be a place for residents of all ages to gather for a combination of fitness and fellowship.”

Throughout the park, play and exercise structures are universally designed to accommodate different body sizes, postures, and mobility ranges, offering maximum physical challenges and minimal hazards.

The park’s new all-abilities or “recreation for all” footprint will accommodate 600+ people comfortably, with parking for 202 and ADA parking for 31 and 16 van-accessible spaces. Shade structures throughout the park will provide canopies of protected areas for visitors to rest, recharge, and take a break from UV exposure.

“Roper St. Francis Healthcare made a promise to Berkeley County to deliver quality, affordable healthcare close to where resident live and work, and we are fulfilling that promise,” Bosse said. “We recognize that as these surrounding neighborhoods grow, we must grow along with you to meet your healthcare needs.”

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