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Thursday, June 8, 2023 - Roper St. Francis Physician Partners to expand to new Nexton Shopping Center

As Berkeley and Dorchester counties continue to grow, so too will the primary care services offered by Roper St. Francis Healthcare.  

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners plans to design and build an 8,000-square-foot medical office building in the new North Creek Shopping Center at Nexton. The new site will be a hub of primary care services with the potential to house multispecialty services.  

“It’s critical that we give our patients access to primary care in areas where they live and work,” said Jim Bowron, associate vice president and chief administrative officer of Roper St. Francis Physician Partners. “This expansion is part of our Strategic Plan’s initiative to Optimize the Footprint by reaching families in parts of the Lowcountry where we’re seeing tremendous population growth.”  

Construction is expected to begin in 2024 and finish by early 2025. The facility will be nestled among grocery stores, shops and restaurants, which boosts Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s brand visibility, Bowron said.  

This new primary care site is just one facet of Roper St. Francis Healthcare's growth in Berkeley and Dorchester counties. Just this month, construction began for Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital’s expansion. And last October, the healthcare system announced plans for a new Sawmill development in the heart of Summerville, including a two-story medical office building that will offer a variety of outpatient services.  

The healthcare system's Nexton facility will be about a 10-minute drive to both Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital and the new Sawmill development medical office building. Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s new development and growth in Summerville is a great opportunity for the system to drop its anchor and expand services, Bowron said.  

“A patient’s journey begins and ends with primary care,” Bowron said. “And our care coordination through primary care is amazing. This new development will serve as a stepping stone for more patients to get the care they need.” 

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