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Friday, February 27, 2015 - Resolution with UnitedHealthcare
Roper St. Francis continues to work toward a resolution with UnitedHealthcare so that our patients will not be affected by the contract termination this Saturday.
Roper St. Francis believes that our patients’ relationships with their doctors are very important and that business negotiations should not interfere with care. This is why Roper St. Francis is honoring the in-network cost for patients with UnitedHealthcare to receive care from their trusted doctors until the end of April.
We want patients with UnitedHealthcare to be able to pay the amount that they always have for Roper St. Francis physician visits. Patients with UnitedHealthcare may be entitled to full in-network benefits if they have a condition or a serious illness that requires continued care by their doctor or treatment at a Roper St. Francis facility.
Questions have arisen regarding patients with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplemental insurance. These patients are not impacted by the contract termination.
If patients with UnitedHealthcare insurance have questions, they should call the Roper St. Francis Contact Center at 402-2273 or their physician.
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