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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - Roper St. Francis Healthcare physician helps lead report on how music can promote brain health

A Roper St. Francis Healthcare physician contributed significantly to a report released Tuesday from the AARP’s Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) that concluded music can potentially stimulate brain health, manage stress and help treat brain health conditions as varied as dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Jacobo Mintzer, executive director of the Roper St. Francis Research and Innovation Center and Governance Committee lead for this report, worked on the project with fellow members of the GCBH.

“We know that music is a powerful stimulator of the brain,” Mintzer said. “It has the potential to be a critical tool to preserve and enhance brain health. For now, let’s stop for a moment and listen to the music.”

According to the report, music can enhance mood and social connectedness, reduce anxiety and depression, and may potentially reduce agitation for people living with dementia. Music also be a tool for caregivers by helping ease the stress and burdens associated with caregiving, and help them engage in positive experiences with their loved ones. There is also strong evidence that specialized music-based treatment may improve movement and recovery in patients with Parkinson’s disease and stroke, including in walking and talking. Singing may also help people recover the loss of language functions after a stroke.

Brain health experts recommended people of all ages consider incorporating music in their lives to help improve quality of life and wellbeing.

You can read a full copy of the report here.

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