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Thursday, February 27, 2020 - Patient weds fiancee in Roper Hospital chapel
Andrew, Mariah and officiant
Andrew holding Mariah's hand
Andrew and Mariah smiling at camera
Mariah sitting in Andrew's lap

Roper Rehabilitation Hospital had the pleasure of hosting a wedding for one of its patients on Feb. 26.

Andrew Glavin, a 43-year-old patient at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital, has been receiving treatment for a recent stroke. It has been a difficult situation, and it’s brought the pair even closer together.

“She has not left my side, morning or night,” Andrew said shortly after marrying Mariah Morris.

The couple met two years ago when living next door in their apartment complex. They were friendly with each other, exchanging pleasantries when passing each other but the relationship didn’t develop beyond that. Then, when Mariah was in the process of moving out, Andrew decided to ask her out.

“We just hit it off,” Andrew said.

The two have been inseparable since that first date. Marriage was discussed and then everything changed. In the early morning of Jan. 30, Andrew suffered two strokes.

The couple was married in front of family and hospital staff at Roper Hospital’s chapel. Roper Rehab teammates secured the flower arrangements and decorated the chapel for the event.

The couple thanked the entire Roper Rehabilitation Hospital staff for putting their wedding together and giving them a moment that they will forever cherish.

Live 5 News did a story about the couple’s wedding. You can watch it here.
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