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Friday, July 24, 2020 - Married couple of 57 years reunited after defeating COVID-19
Doctors and nurses reunited a married couple of nearly six decades after they both defeated COVID-19.

Vernell King was admitted to Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital on July 5 after testing positive. The virus also struck her husband, Hardy King, and he was admitted to BSSF four days later.

As they lie in the same hospital, the Hollywood couple of 57 years could not face their battle hand in hand. Communicating only through FaceTime, the Kings battled more than COVID-19, but separation. The Kings would not be together for 18 days — the longest the couple had ever gone.

On Thursday, doctors told Mr. King he was well enough to go home. But he wasn’t going anywhere without seeing his beloved wife. Doctors and nurses wheeled him to the fourth floor where his wife of almost six decades waited. Though they were not able embrace, the couple smiled ear to ear. Teammates clapped their hands.

Vernell, whose body has weakened from COVID-19, laid in bed as her husband held her hand from his wheelchair. Like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time, the couple didn’t miss a beat in their conversation. They thanked the staff and encouraged one another that they would be together soon.

Hardy went home to Hollywood and Vernell was transferred to a rehabilitation facility to regain strength before joining her husband.

“It feels really good to see her,” Hardy said.
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