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Monday, August 19, 2019 - Be healthy for the new school year

Roper St. Francis Healthcare urges parents and kids to prepare for back to school
Get ready with a good health routine, including staying current on vaccines and good sleep habits


School is back in session and Roper St. Francis Healthcare is urging parents and kids to prepare now by making sure vaccines are up to date and adopting healthy practices that will make starting school easier.

 Healthy back to school tips

  • Vaccines: Make sure kids are up to date, click here for SC school requirements.
  • Bed time: have kids maintain an earlier sleep pattern, even on weekends, so they’re ready to get up early.
  • Viruses: back to school means kids are back together and we see a spike in viruses and infections.
  • Emphasize hand washing and packing hand sanitizer in a lunch box and back pack.
  • Good nutrition: cut out junk food and increase fruit/vegetable servings now to start good lunch habits.
  • Mental health: talk to kids about the new school year and what challenges they may face with new classroom environments, bullying and peer pressure.
  • Athletes: nagging summer injuries can quickly get worse in fall sports - talk with a trainer or doctor before the Fall season begins.
  • Good vision: an annual vision test, which can be part of a yearly doctor visit, can help spot problems before they get worse.

With family practice and Express Care facilities across the Lowcountry, we’re ready for the fun and excitement of a new school year!

Our athletic training staff also works with Charleston County Schools to keep athletes healthy, including weekly free injury clinics at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital on Saturday mornings.

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