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Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - Construction to handicapped parking and traffic at Roper Hospital starting Monday

Effective Monday, Oct. 4, construction on the canopy connecting the Doughty Garage and Roper Hospital will begin, affecting both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for up to six months.

The staff entrance to the Doughty Garage will remain open for parking. After parking in the garage, staff who need to access Roper Hospital will cut through the Information Services Operations Center (formerly the HR office space) and enter at the purple awning behind Roper Hospital.

People with disabilities will not be able to safely navigate into Roper Hospital from the Doughty Garage. The ramp entrance at the purple awning is not ADA accessible. Instead, anyone with a disability should either park in the Lucas Garage or be dropped off at the Calhoun Street entrance.

Discharges will move to the main entrance on Calhoun Street.

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