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Thursday, June 25, 2015 - CEO David Dunlap calls on Legislature to expand Medicaid


Statement from David L. Dunlap, president and chief executive officer of Roper St. Francis

Today’s Supreme Court ruling affirms the positive momentum of the Affordable Care Act in creating more access and better quality healthcare for Americans.

We at Roper St. Francis call on our state’s leaders and lawmakers to consider expanding Medicaid to provide healthcare for the poor and most vulnerable, just as the Affordable Care Act intended.

Caring for the uninsured is an integral part of the Roper St. Francis mission of healing ALL people with compassion, faith and excellence, and that’s why we are leading the Lowcountry’s effort to identify uninsured patients who frequent the region’s emergency rooms. These patients are our neighbors, our coworkers and our loved ones. They deserve quality primary care.

We know there are thousands more South Carolinians who would benefit from the bolstered Medicaid program that other states already have established.

Despite critics’ concerns, the ACA has provided healthcare to millions and ensured that no one can be denied insurance coverage because of a preexisting condition and that women cannot be charged more for insurance simply because of their gender.

Roper St. Francis is proud of today’s ruling and looks forward to re-energized discussions in our state about Medicaid.

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