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Thursday, November 6, 2014 - Bloodless Medicine Program recognized with two awards

The Roper St. Francis Bloodless Medicine Program and its founding physicians recently were recognized for their service to the community.

Dr. Stanley Wilson and Dr. George Geils, Sr., were honored at an event that included about 100 of their patients and peers.

After researching programs across the country, Wilson and Geils founded the Roper St. Francis Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program nearly 20 years ago. They did so because they knew that patients who refuse blood based on the tenets of their religion were being underserved.

The Bloodless Medicine team provides a tailored approach to each patient aimed at reducing or eliminating the need for transfusion of blood or blood products.

Dr. Wilson has served as medical director since the program’s inception. Roper St. Francis has the oldest Bloodless Medicine program in the Southeast.

Dr. Jeb Hallett, chairman of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Advisory Council, and Amy Condon, coordinator of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program, also accepted an award from the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management recognizing the program’s continued commitment to improving patient outcomes through patient blood management

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