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Advanced Body Composition Scan

You see a number on the scale, but what does it really mean? Roper St. Francis is offers an advanced body composition scan that can tell you the distribution of your fat mass, lean muscle tissue and bone mass. 

Advanced Body Composition scan provides a variety of measurements, including, but not limited to: total body fat and muscle mass percentages, bone weight, fat mass index (FMI) and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) score – this is a measurement of fat deposits around the organs. This scan is an excellent tool to determine the type of fat a person is carrying so that they can develop the best plan to manage their weight loss. 

About the Exam
The scan is administered by a radiologic technologist and uses the same technology as a bone density scan (a painless, low-dose radiation, lower than a chest X-ray). During the scan patients lie flat in the machine for 6 1/2 minutes.  When the exam is complete the patient receives a personalized, full color report of their results. The ordering doctor will also receive a copy of the results. 

Cost and Scheduling 
The total cost of the test is $69. You will first need to talk to your doctor and get an order before scheduling this exam.

To schedule your exam, call (843) 402-5000.

Advanced Body Composition Scan - As Seen on the Today Show
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