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Our Doctors

All of our physicians are board certified in internal medicine or family medicine and specialize in the care of hospitalized patients.


Our Doctors

James Anoia, MD
Brooke Bond, MD
Amanda Bright, MD
Sarah T. Conway, DO
Patrick Conway, DO
Scott Davidson, MD
Paul Donatelli, MD
Sorin Florea, MD
Kevin Gao, MD
Abhinav Goyal, MD
James Hawk, MD
John Holeman, MD

Sherry Ikalowych, MD
Deema Ismail, MD
Craig Mackaness, MD
David McCarron, MD
Marc G. Rucquoi, MD
Carroll Smith, MD
Ann Surprenant, MD
Iulian Sora, MD
Rachel Thomas, MD
Theodore Thompson, MD
Marcelino Yera-Paez, MD


Nurse Practitioners

Star Austin-Connolly, APN- RX
Cassandra Goyal, APN- APRN
LaQuandra Rampersant, APN-RX
Julie Scott, NP-RX

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