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We want to work closely with you to provide the hospital care that your patients need. Partnership means that we want to hear from you and your office about patients we admit for you. We encourage a phone call from you about someone you are sending to the hospital and faxed copies of recent office notes, medication lists, allergies and pertinent history (e.g. recent echocardiogram) on your patients that are admitted through the emergency room.

Partnership also means that we are committed to communicating with you. Copies of the History and Physician as well as the Discharge Summary will be faxed to your office. We will also call your office to notify you of a change in code status or any other critical event that occurs during a hospitalization. If there are particular decisions that affect your patients that you would like the opportunity to address, (e.g. plans for discharge with Hospice) we will work with you to accommodate your request.

Who We Are
As hospitalists, we are board certified Internists and Family Medicine specialists who work directly for Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Our team includes physicians and clinical care coordinators (RNs) and we are available in all of our hospital locations to help with all aspects of your patient’s care. We do not have an office practice and will see your patients only during an acute hospitalization. 

  • We are committed to improving the quality of medical care by quality improvement within our healthcare system. 
  • We are committed to the practice of evidence-based medicine. 
  • We are committed to approaching your patient’s bedside with compassion.

Your Office Practice Benefits
Because we cover hospital needs, you can attend to your office practice with fewer interruptions. We cover unassigned call for you by taking those admissions through the Emergency Department. You can practice more efficiently and enjoy a better lifestyle with fewer night and weekend responsibilities.

We Are a Work in Progress
Healthcare is changing rapidly and there is always room for improvement in how we accomplish our mission. We welcome your suggestions for how we can better serve you and your patients. 

Please call our office (843) 724-2450 for further information about signing up for our services. Our program manager will be happy to speak with you. 

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