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Home Care Telemonitoring Program

Roper St. Francis Home Health  utilizes telemonitoring technology to keep you stable in your home and to identify changes in your condition. With this unique program a monitor is placed in your home that can electronically transmit health data to the home health agency, where a nurse can review the information. Your physician will also be able to track your progress with the monitor. Our telemonitoring program has been successful at reducing emergent care visits and re-hospitalizations by rapidly detecting and responding to changes in conditions.

The monitors allow you to check blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, pulse oximetry, weights and blood glucose. 

Who Should Have a Monitor?

  • People with chronic diseases such diabetes, respiratory or cardiac conditions
  • People at risk for infection
  • People at high-risk for falls
  • People who have problems managing their medications 


Individuals and/or their caregiver must have adequate hearing and vision to operate the equipment. A telephone line must be available to transmit the information back to the home health office. Limited wireless access is available.



For more information about telemonitoring call (843) 402-7000. 


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