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Brain Injury Care

Roper Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to offer both inpatient and outpatient Brain Injury Programs. The hospital is one of only two facilities in the state to achieve CARF accreditation in both inpatient and outpatient Brain Injury specialty. The outpatient program is offered through Roper Hospital Rehabilitative Outpatient Services. This accreditation allows our programs to provide comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation to patients statewide, not just those within the Lowcountry.

Experienced Staff

The Brain Injury program’s medical director, Dr. Douglas McGill, is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation with more than 20 years of experience working in the neurologic rehabilitation field. In addition, team members have specialized training in addressing the needs of the brain injury population, including:

  • Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  • Neurological Clinical Specialists
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialists
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer

Specialty Equipment and Resources

The Brain Injury program uses the most advanced technology and comprehensive supporting resources, including:

  • Lite Gait© and Maxi-Sky© body weight support systems
  • Functional electrical stimulation devices, such as the Bioness L300 Plus, Bioness H200 Wireless and FES cycle
  • Reo-Go
  • Dynavision
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Customized Brain Injury educational handbook to address the patient’s specific challenges
  • Weekly Brain Injury education classes help patients’ caregivers better understand the diagnosis and their role in the recovery process, as well as a peer mentor program
  • Community reintegration outings are planned as a part of Recreational Therapy treatment plan during the patient's inpatient rehabilitation stay

2017 Inpatient Statistics

  • 81% of our brain injury patients rated their quality of care as excellent.
  • The average length of stay on the unit is 12.5 days.
  • 142 patients with a diagnosis of brain injury were seen at our Brain Injury Program.
  • 79% of our brain injury patients return to their home versus another level of care.
  • Patients with brain injury received an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes of therapy 5 days per week.
  • 75% of patients rated satisfaction with goal attainment as excellent to very good.

2017 Outpatient Statistics

  • Patients received an average of 1-3 hours of therapy 3-4 times per week.
  • 100% of patients rated satisfaction with goal attainment as excellent.
  • 12 patients with a diagnosis of brain injury were seen for intensive outpatient therapy.
  • 100% of patients rated their quality of care excellent.

Contact Information
Inpatient program:
Michelle Moore, MSP, CCC-SLP, CBIS
Speech Language Pathologist
Brain Injury Coordinator
Roper Rehabilitation Hospital
(843) 720-8378

Outpatient program:
Emma Chambers
Manager of Rehabilitation Services at Roper Hospital
(843) 724-2760

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