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Magnet Hospital Designation

Magnet recognition

A Magnet Hospital is one that has been officially recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a facility that has demonstrated excellence in nursing services. Very specific criteria, or standards, must be met or exceeded in order for a hospital to receive this very prestigious credential. Magnet Hospitals emphasize high quality patient care and clinical autonomy of their nurses. They encourage professional development and have high levels of staff satisfaction and retention. The process to become a Magnet Hospital takes not only a number of years to accomplish, but also a total dedication to continuous improvement and innovation throughout the organization.

Because we are an organization that has always striven to improve the quality of patient care we provide and to be the employer that attracts and retains the best staff to provide that care, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital decided in 2006 to pursue Magnet recognition. We submitted our Magnet document on February 1, 2010. In more than 1500 pages, we detailed our organization’s story as to how we met or exceeded the Magnet criteria in the areas of Transformational Leadership, Structural Empowerment, Exemplary Professional Practice, and New Knowledge/Innovations.

In April, we received the good news that our document had qualified us for a site visit, which occurred June 14, 15, and 16, 2010. The appraisal team’s purpose was to validate and clarify the information contained in our document, as well as to measure the level of true enculturation of the Magnet components.

Based on the appraisal team’s written report, the ANCC Commission on Magnet Recognition voted unanimously to award Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital the honor of being recognized as a Magnet hospital. On August 16, 2010, we became the 372nd hospital in the United States to receive Magnet Hospital designation, placing us in the top 6.5% nationally for nursing excellence.

The Magnet Recognition Program is truly a platform for innovation and improvement. The designation is for a four year term; before August of 2014, we will be writing another document to demonstrate how we have raised the bar again to exceed the Magnet components. Being a Magnet Hospital is our new world and our future.

Pennie Peralta, BSN, MHA, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President of Nursing
Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital

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