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At Roper St. Francis, our emergency departments are equipped to treat critical illnesses, life-threatening conditions and serious injuries. All five emergency rooms (ER) are conveniently located throughout the Lowcountry and are staffed with board certified doctors who specialize in emergency medicine and nurses specially trained to treat emergency cases.

Designation by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care as a Level III accredited Chest Pain Center, Roper Hospital's emergency room (ER) has achieved a higher level of expertise in monitoring and treating patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. Accreditation certifies that our facility and staff are prepared to care for patients with heart attack symptoms in a rapid, systematic manner. Roper Hospital is also a national leader in reopening blocked arteries within the national average of 90 minutes.

All five Roper St. Francis emergency rooms (ER) include a chest pain center and have a direct connection to the Roper St. Francis Heart & Vascular Center – Charleston’s leader in adult cardiovascular care.


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