Meditation Garden

Garden Features

    Grand Portal
  • Marks the garden’s entrance
  • Passage into a sacred place of beauty, peace and reflection.

    Prayer Garden
  • Interlocking spirals reflect nature’s recurrent pattern (i.e. the nautilus shell)
  • Fountain of pyramidal basalt rocks, juxtaposing permanence of mountains and fluidity of water
  • Individual benches, for privacy and reflection

    Camellia Garden
  • Figure-eight design symbolizes eternity
  • Shade offers comfort
  • Planted with evergreen sasanqua, japonica, holly and ginger

  • Modeled after the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth
  • Fragrant herbs mark turning points
  • Four quadrants (like a cross), culminate in central rose pattern
  • Level surface allows those using walkers or wheelchairs to follow the pathway
  • Download a walking guide to the Labyrinth.

    Christ Statue Garden
  • “Christ of Comfort and Healing” by Tim Doyle from New Haven, Indiana
  • Statue sculpted from custom-quarried limestone
  • Stand of hollies symbolizes the Passion of Christ

Landscape design by Sanford Byers, AIA, ASLA Byers Design Group, Charleston, SC

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