Childbirth & New Parent Education

Roper St. Francis Women’s Services is pleased to offer convenient and helpful resources designed to help educate you about what lies ahead with your newborn. 

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to childbirth, and the same holds for childbirth education. That’s why we offer online resources and two class options: our traditional classes, taught by RSF professionals and held at our facilities, and an online option, that allows you to learn at your own pace and at your convenience.

In-Person Classes
We offer more than 14 comprehensive in-person classes, covering everything from prenatal yoga to breastfeeding basics to prepping big brothers, sisters and pets and how to administer infant CPR. To learn more about our in-person classes or to register, visit our class calendar.

Online Classes
Parents are busy people, and beyond convenience, some may prefer to learn about something as intimate as childbirth and breastfeeding in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Our two online classes are free resources that allow you to learn at your pace, giving an overview of what to expect during labor and different childbirth techniques, as well as a breastfeeding basics course. 

Childbirth Preparation
Learn anywhere and at your own pace, using our The Gift of Motherhood online course. This free resource includes videos and tools to help you get prepared, focusing on childbirth techniques, what to expect, how to manage labor and emergencies. Register now
Breastfeeding Basics
This online class is a self-paced learning experience for parents who will breastfeed their baby and for those still exploring breastfeeding. We cover the benefits of breastfeeding, different breastfeeding techniques and positions, and local community and professional resources. Register now.  


Our eBooks are an excellent resource to help guide you through your pregnancy and care for your newborn once they arrive.  

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