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Wound Management

Approximately five million Americans suffer from chronic open sores that can become seriously infected, gangrenous and in some cases require amputation. This is often due to limited blood flow, which can slow the body's own healing process. But the good news is the technology to treat these wounds has dramatically improved. The Roper St. Francis Wound Management Center offers a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and certified wound nurses that will develop an individualized treatment plan including a comprehensive evaluation, follow-up visits, education and prevention instruction.  


When is Specialized Care Needed for Wounds?

A wound 30 days or older without signs of healing is considered chronic and a sign you have underlying problems that may delay healing such as, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and advanced age. Specialized care is needed to treat these types of wounds.

Using evidence-based practice guidelines the care team at the Roper St. Francis Wound Management Center will treat your wound with a variety of means allowing it to heal. The team uses topical dressings that promote moist wound healing, numerous specialty products, compression therapy and negative pressure wound therapy which applies controlled, localized negative pressure to help draw wounds closed.


What to Expect While at the Wound Management Center 
  • Thorough wound assessment and determination of underlying causes.
  • Wound cleansing and debridement. Topical ointments will be used to decrease pain to a tolerable level.
  • Education regarding wound, wound care and how to enhance healing.
  • Consultation with other medical sources to control or correct underlying disease processes as needed.
  • Full array of laboratory and support services to assist with diagnosis and treatment.
  • You may be required to visit the clinic up to three times per week, but normally it is just a weekly visit once the wound starts to progress in a expected manner.
  • The team  will work with you and your insurance carrier to maximize coverage of expenses.  We also work with several wound supply companies and you may be eligible to obtain needed supplies without any direct billing to you.


The Team Approach

Generally, doctors refer patients to our clinic for specialized wound treatment. Along with your doctor, our team will develop a plan of care to heal your wound. Your referring and primary care doctors will be informed of the plan and updated on your progress. Your wound providers have been certified by the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) or have been accredited as a Certified Wound Specialist. If you do not have a doctor overseeing the care of your wound, we would be glad to help you find one.

Our Wound Care Team
Lance Davis, MD, Hyperbaric Medicine 
John “Jeb” Hallett, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Carol Brittsan, PA
Lori Edgar, FNP


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Location: Roper Hospital, 3rd, Floor, Heart & Vascular Tower
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