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Emergency Transport Services

LifeLink, an emergency ground transport service, is a highly skilled inter-facility transport team dedicated to providing specialized intensive care, advanced and basic life support, focused on patient care and community health. Inter-facility transport medicine provides support, instruction, care and treatment from the moment a request for transport is initiated until the patient’s care is transferred to the receiving healthcare facility.

The helicopter is a critical care air transport with critical care nurses and staff. The helicopter allows us to decrease patient load and unload time by 15 minutes - the difference between life and/or quality of life and to bring access to rural areas. The Roper Hospital Rooftop Helipad is the first of its kind on the Charleston peninsula.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being a leader in critical care transport medicine and providing our patient and community with excellence in care by:

  • Providing transport services that exceed the expectations of the patients, doctors and hospital staff
  • Valuing our staff, patients and clients
  • Managing our resources effectively supporting accident and injury prevention
  • Maintaining and promoting the highest standards in our profession
  • Working collaboratively with our colleagues in healthcare and emergency services
  • Participating in research that develops and promotes the advancement of our profession

For more information about our emergency transport services or if you are in need of any of our services please call:

Lifelink(843) 402-1335


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