Cardiac rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation
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Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation

The Roper St. Francis Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation Centers offer programs designed for people who have had a heart problem or who are working to prevent heart disease. The Centers offer a full range of cardio and weight-training equipment and rehabilitation professionals to assist and monitor workouts. Our rehabiltation professionals will help you achieve your goals through supervised exercise, nutritional counseling, education and group support.

We are the largest cardiac rehabilitation program in Charleston, with locations downtown Charleston at Roper Hospital and West Ashley at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital.

The Cardiac Wellness & Rehabilitation Centers’ exercise programs are not just for patients recovering from heart disease. Comprehensive programs are offered to those who have heart disease risk factors and are interested in preventing a future illness. Specially trained staff is available to evaluate your risk factors and develop an individual plan to improve your overall fitness. An educational series is also available to provide information on heart disease prevention topics such as medications, nutrition and stress management. Our ultimate goal is for each person to reach their full potential.

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The BTN Programs
BTN programs are designed to help you reach a level that is "Back to Normal" and strive for a "Better Than Normal" result.

BTN includes:

  • ECG-monitored exercise
  • Exercise plans tailored to your ability and unique limitations, becoming more challenging as you make progress
  • Cardiac risk reduction education
  • General health education on topics such as dietary choices, heart function, stress reduction and identifying personal cardiac risk factors
  • One-on-one consultations may be scheduled with our dietitian, cardiologist, psychologist or vocational rehabilitation counselor


BTN-X (BTN Extended)

BTN-X is reserved for those who require extra assistance after the BTN program or who may be entering the program after a heart problem that occurred more than one year ago. BTN-X patients typically require less monitoring. Educational groups and consults may be recommended at this level.

The ROYL Programs

The ROYL-C program (Rest of Your Life – Clinical program) is a maintenance program for individuals who have had a heart problem or are being treated and having issues with blood pressure, blood sugars, heart rhythm or pulmonary limited shortness of breath.

ROYL-C includes:

  • Two formal exercise evaluations annually
  • Two coaching sessions
  • Several intermittently monitored protocols that provide feedback regarding these important measurements.


The ROYL-E program (Rest Of Your Life – Exercise) is a structured exercise plan, yearly formal evaluation and an additional coaching session for people with no history of heart disease and with well-controlled blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rhythm and breathing during exercise.

Personal Training is also available.

Cardiac Rehab Staff

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is designed and implemented by professionals in several disciplines:

  • Our cardiologist, who serves as medical director, oversees program operations and assures an optimal and safe treatment plan
  • Cardiac rehab nurse
  • Exercise specialist
  • Dietitian
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialist and behavioral counselor
  • The referring doctor, an essential link in the patient’s care


Insurance Coverage

The extent of coverage depends on your insurance company and particular policy. Program fees vary according to the patient’s rehab phase.

How to Make a Referral?

For more information or to make a referral, please call (843) 724-2993.