A wealth of opportunity
A wealth of opportunity
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Pre-employment Checklist

When you accept an offer, your recruiter will schedule your appointment for your pre-employment physical/drug screen and completion of the new hire paper. The appointment to complete the physical/drug screen and paperwork must be completed by the Wednesday prior to the orientation date you are scheduled to attend.

When you come to HR to fill out your new hire paperwork, please bring the following:

  • Documents to establish identity and employment eligibility for I-9 (click here to see official list - we need one item from Column A or one item from Column B and one item from column C)
  • Voided check or direct deposit documentation from your bank  
  • Any licenses (Nursing, PT, OT, Radiology, Respiratory, Lab, Pharmacy, etc.), and/or certifications (CPR, etc.) you possess, if not previously provided to your recruiter

What to bring to Employee Health for your pre-employment physical and drug screen:

  • Your immunization records
  • Most recent PPD results (tuberculosis skin test)
  • Document to establish identity (Driver's License, Passport, State Issued ID Card or Military ID Card, etc.)

Note, it is helpful for you to bring your immunization records and/or most recent PPD results when you come to Employee Health, but if you do not have these items, Employee Health can make accommodations.