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Many people do not want blood transfusions, either for religious or personal reasons. The Roper St. Francis Bloodless Medicine and Surgery team understands and respects this choice. Our dedicated doctors can perform virtually every surgical procedure without the use of blood or blood products.

The Roper St. Francis Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program is the oldest program of its kind in the Southeast, dating back to 1995 and the only program in our region. Our program is made up of doctors from nearly every medical specialty, who are willing to and understand the responsibility for treating patients who refuse blood and blood products. Please note that participation in the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program is determined individually on a case by case basis and not all non-blood alternatives may be available to all patients.

If you know that you will be a patient at a Roper St. Francis facility in the near future, please review this information:
  • Discuss with your surgeon at your pre-op visit your desire to be a bloodless patient and your desire to refuse blood and blood products.
  • During your pre-admission testing call, advise the pre-admission testing nurse of your desire to be a Bloodless Medicine patient or, if appropriate, that you are a Jehovah’s Witness.
  • For Jehovah’s Witnesses: Update and include your “No Blood” Healthcare Power of Attorney with the documents that you are asked to bring to the hospital.
  • See your primary care doctor on an annual basis to ensure optimal levels for a healthy blood count.
  • Upon admission, let your nurse know that you wish to be part of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program.
  • Please note that non-blood alternatives are determined individually on a case by case basis.
Our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Coordinator is available to answer any questions that you may have regarding our program. Call (843) 724-2399.

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