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Make Every Moment Matter
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Professional Development of our Nursing Staff

At Roper St. Francis, we strive to maintain a safe level of practice and competency.  In the fall of 2012, we introduced the Prophecy Health® pre-screening employment tool for RNs.  Prophecy is an innovative, streamlined, and culturally-based approach to recruiting and retaining staff.  All assessments are web-based and instantly scored; the scorecard indicates the applicant’s strengths and areas needing further development in three domains:  clinical, behavioral, and situational.  Scores are ranked against national benchmarks, indicating which of the applicants are most qualified and the best fit for the organization.

As part of the RN orientation process, the clinical coach who is assigned to the new hire works to tailor the orientation experience based on identified areas of development.  Since no two nurses are alike, no two orientations are just alike.

Ongoing professional development is promoted by nursing scholarships, paid education leave, and tuition reimbursement.  Approximately 50% of our clinical RNs are certified in their specialties due to the organization providing funds for review sessions and testing.


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