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Every moment matters
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DreamSchedule™ for RNs at Roper St. Francis

Nursing is a Dream at Roper St. Francis Healthcare – DreamSchedule™ for RN’s

Would you like a long-term predictable work schedule? How about NO mandatory weekends and NO rotating shifts? Then Roper St. Francis Healthcare may be the place for you.

As part of our commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for our unit-based, inpatient RN staff, we have developed DreamSchedule. This provides RNs on inpatient nursing units a long-term, predictable schedule with no requirement to rotate shifts or work every other weekend. You work the schedule that best suites your lifestyle needs. Additional work only weekend (WOW) positions have been created for those who prefer weekend work with a higher shift differential.

At RSFH, we strive to maintain a safe level of practice and competency. In the Fall of 2012, we introduced the Prophecy Health® pre-screening employment tool for RNs. Prophecy is an innovative, streamlined, and cultural-based approach to recruit and retain staff. All assessments are web-based, with instant validated scoring, with a scorecard highlighting the applicant’s strengths, and areas for development in three domains: clinical,behavioral, situational. Scores are ranked against national benchmarks, indicating which of  the applicants are most qualified and the best fit for the organization. As part of the RN on-boarding process for orientation, a clinical coach is assigned to the RN hired who works to tailor the orientation experience based on identified areas of development. Since no two nurses are alike, no two orientations are just alike.

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