Quality diagnostic services
Quality diagnostic services
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PACS - Filmless Radiology

Roper St. Francis Healthcare utilizes state of the art technology known as Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) as an integral part of Imaging services. A PACS system enables X-ray or other images to be viewed and distributed through a computer network. Radiologists interpret studies with specialized computer workstations, and X-ray films are replaced by the digital images. Physicians can conveniently and easily access and review CT scans, MRI studies, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, routine radiography and digital mammography images online. Roper St. Francis Healthcare has received national recognition for our fully integrated paperless system. 

With PACS, test results and diagnoses are available more quickly, and clinicians and care teams can collaborate efficiently viewing common information across one or more locations, improving continuum of care.  Images can also be sent on CD-ROM to referring doctors and other specialists for consultation. Referring doctors can easily review their cases at anywhere, anytime. 

In addition to improved patient care, an added benefit is the elimination of film and the associated processing, administration and storage costs. Using PACS has made a positive environmental impact through the elimination of film and associated chemicals needed for film processing. We have reduced the usage of chemicals and waste that was once processed via incineration and landfills.