Neuroscience & Spine
Neuroscience & Spine
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Using today's advanced technology, the Neuroscience and Spine Program at Roper St. Francis includes board certified neurosurgeons, neurologists, specially trained nurses and technical staff who are able to diagnose and treat neurologic injuries and disorders with amazing precision. And, as always, this extraordinary care is delivered with the caring touch you expect from Roper St. Francis.


Charleston Neurosurgical Associates
Byron Bailey, MD
Brian Cuddy, MD
George Khoury, MD
Stephen Rawe, MD
John Steichen, MD
Morgan Stuart, MD


Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists of Charleston
Artur Pacult, MD
Curtis Worthington, MD




Carolina Neurological Clinic
Hamid Bahadori, MD
James Bumgartner, MD
Thomas Dukes III, MD
Charles Jervey, MD
Roy King, MD

Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons
Orthopaedic Specialists of Charleston
James Aymond, MD
Wildstein Spine Center
Michael Wildstein, MD

Pain Specialists

Anesthesia Associates of Charleston
Andrew Eugene Geer III, MD
Julius Ivester Jr., MD
Thomas D. Wooten Jr., MD

Intervene MD
Todd Joye, MD 


Lowcountry Laserworks
Roberta Karnofsky, MD

Pain Care & Natural Medicine Centers of Charleston
Marc Nathan Dubick, MD

South Carolina Pain Specialists
Ellen Rhame, MD

Physical Medicine

Carolina Center for Pain and Rehabilitation
James Warmoth, MD

Charleston Neurosurgical Associates
Reilly Keffer, DO


Leaning Tree Rehabilitative Medicine
Douglas McGill, MD

Nancey Tsai, MD 



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