Creating more tomorrows
Creating more tomorrows
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Your Annual Mammogram. We Make it Easy.

What is digital mammography?
This exciting technology has been proven to improve breast cancer detection in many patients. With digital mammograms, the same images are obtained with the breast in compression, however the digital images allow for improved efficiency, immediate review of images, computer manipulation of images and digital computer storage of data.

Who needs a mammogram?
The American Cancer Society recommends all women age 40 or older have a mammogram once a year. Women at increased risk (for example, previous breast cancer, family history of breast cancer) should talk with their doctors about the benefits of starting mammography screening earlier or having more frequent exams.

Scheduling your yearly mammogram
To schedule your yearly mammogram, call 402-5000 and we will find the time and location most convenient
for you.

Mammography locations
We have four digital mammography locations to better serve you!